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Can Running Form Be Learned?

The notion that athletes receive instruction or training in technique that would help them excel in their sport does not seem very controversial. It would seem to make sense to teach athletes the mechanics of their sport. Yet, it seems that much of the instruction out there for runners consists of yelling "faster" or the ever popular, "catch that guy in front of you." Why is it assumed that efficient running form should just come naturally or is in some way, inborn? Anyone with children knows that along with running, throwing also comes naturally. Why is it then that a pitcher would need additional instruction on the mechanics of a curve ball? After all, anyone can throw. The fact is, athletes in most other sports are inundated with the specific fundamentals and mechanics that will help them reach their potential. Why not runners?

To provide education to runners about the fundamentals of their sport is precisely the goal of Stride Mechanics, LLC.

How often have you admired and envied those elite runners who run with such ease and grace?

Do you find yourself wishing that you had the "talent" to run with a similar effortless stride?

You have it:
Efficient running form is not restricted to only talented "naturals"; there are specific characteristics that elite runners share that you can learn and practice. You can learn the secrets of efficient runners and make them your own.

You will learn:
  • The anatomical mechanisms the body employs to dampen the effects of impact during running.
  • The importance of the arms during the various phases of the running stride.
  • The biomechanical characteristics that research has found to be common among efficient runners.
  • A series of exercises intended to facilitate the mechanics of proper running form.
You will see immediate pay-offs and benefits.
Whether your goal is to run faster or just more comfortably, the techniques learned here will help you get there.

Substantial return on investment.
For a very small investment, you will learn to make every run a pleasure.

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