Video Analysis

Have you ever seen yourself run?

A video analysis consists of individualized instruction in efficient running form. The subject is video taped from the front, back, left and right sides. Various paces may also be taped. The video is then viewed at full speed, slow motion and in single frame advance so that every aspect of the gait cycle may be analyzed. Close attention is paid to the relationship between the arms and legs, how and where the foot contacts the ground, etc. Ways in which the runner might be able to improve in speed as well as learning to run with less impact are discussed. Once a runner understands the biomechanics of efficient running, these same characteristics become theirs and they soon find themselves running faster with less effort.

A VHS copy of the individual's form, as well as that of a world class runner, is then created for the individual to take home for later review. A copy of the book "Efficient Running" by Jack Cady, MPT as well as a "Thumb Harness" (if needed) and elastic bands for performing running specific exercises are also provided.

You really don't know what kind of runner you are until you've seen yourself in slow motion!

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