About Stride Mechanics, LLC

The founder:

Jack Cady, MPT, received his Master of Physical Therapy degree in 1997 from Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri. He and his wife, Nona, have two sons, Griffith and Zane. They make their home in Blue Springs, Missouri.

Jack has been a runner for over 20 years, has coached Cross-Country and is a veteran of 16 marathons. To say that running is Jack's passion would be an understatement. Since becoming a Physical Therapist, Jack has applied his knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and physics toward analyzing the elements that produce an efficient running stride.

Jack has designed a system to help runners improve their form through the use of video analysis and has founded Stride Mechanics, LLC, a company that presents educational seminars for runners, coaches and physical therapists.

If interested in either a personal video running analysis or a seminar for your group or running club, contact Jack at jcady11@comcast.net.

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